Sandra Teixeira


Strategic and Investment Consultant and creative writer

About Us

About Us


PhD, University of Pennsylvania 2001
DMD, University of Pennsylvania 2001
Certificate, Orthodontics, University of Pennsylvania 1997
MS, University of Pennsylvania 1997
DDS, University of Porto, Portugal 1992


Dr. Teixeira's research interests are divided into three areas: endochondral bone formation, tissue engineering and orthodontics. As a developmental biologist, Dr. Teixeira uses embryonic manipulation techniques, organ culture, cell culture and animal models, to investigate pathways controlling endochondral ossification and bone growth. Information from these studies is used as a platform for new approaches to tissue engineering, creating bone that can grow with the host. As an orthodontist and member of CTOR (, Dr. Teixeira's research in this field focuses on developing new orthodontic and orthopedic treatment modalities, improving quality of bone in the jaws and accelerating tooth movement.

About Us

About Us

Cristina Teixeira


Associate Professor, Chairperson 

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About Us



Degree in Economics, University of Porto, Portugal 1994


Sandra Correia developed a successful career in consulting business for the past 23 years. In a first phase, 1994-2004, her work focused in the area of human resources management, organizational consulting and professional training.   Her projects were mainly supported by European Community and Portuguese National Funds. During this period, developed her expertise in projects and investment strategies, business development, collaborations as well as interactions with almost all the industrial sectors in Portuguese industry.
She pioneered work in the sector of information and communication technologies with technical and commercial functions, and as part of an international team she obtained training in Portugal, United States (Silicon Valley) and United Kingdom (London) before leading a Digital Certification Supplier and the HR and Customer Support Service for this firm.
Since 2015, and mostly as an independent consultant, worked with different companies in project management, investment project development, in the local community and at national level, obtaining funds to public sector, non-profit and private firms from the EU Programs of Investment and Development.

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